Application Requirements 

  • Completed courses equivalent to 12 years school education in Japan or has academic ability equivalent to it (anticipated to complete). 
  • Have a clear goal in the future and have strong enthusiasm for studying.
  • Have over 150 hours of Japanese language learning experience and passed Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) N5 or any Japanese language tests admitted by Immigration Bureau. ※1 
  • Career /age etc. shall be within 5 years after graduating from the final school. Those who does not meet the condition will be examined according to the reason of application and the personal history. 
  • Be able to afford tuition and living expenses in Japan.
  • 1 Please inquire about Japanese tests.


  1. Application Period

     April Intake      Until early November   
    October Intake  Until early May
  2. Screening

    Whether all the required documents are submitted.
    Whether the candidates meet our admission requirements.

    Download applications here

  3. Application to Immigration Office

    School staff will apply all at once.

    April Intake    Around late November
    October Intake Around early June

    ※Applicants prepare for all the documents for application by themselves.

  4. Results

    April Intake Around late February
    October Intake Around early August
  5. Apply for a Visa to Japanese Embassy in Your Home Country

  6. Arrive at Japan

  7. Admission to MIJS

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