For Japanese Visa Holders

"I Can Not Use Japanese Well at Work " 
"I Can Not Communicate in Japanese"  

For those who has these concerns in mind,
Why don't you study at MIJS!?

Application Guideline


  • Currently living in Japan and have a residence visa. 
  • Have strong enthusiasm for studying.
  • Be able to afford tuition.

Required Documents

  • An application for admission (School designated, ID photo attached)  
  • A copy of passport   
  • A copy of residence card 

Adimission Period

April and October (The admission in other months is also accepted depends on the applicant's Japanese ability.)

School Day

From Monday to Friday(Except holidays)


Year of 2021 Price List  (Tax included)

Lesson Days 16 18 22 17 7 20
Tuition 53,900 JPY 59,900 JPY 71,900 JPY 56,900 JPY 26,900 JPY 65,900 JPY
Lesson Days 15 20 18 15 18 14
Tuition 50,900 JPY 65,900 JPY 59,900 JPY 50,900 JPY 59,900 JPY 47,900 JPY
  • In admission month, we calculate the tuition on a daily basis from the admission day. 
  • The admission day means the class starting day.  
  • Textbooks cost is required separately.

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